Our Company – Vauban Systems

Who are we?

VAUBAN SYSTEMS is a French company specialising in physical access control. Our goal is to develop complete, reliable and very-easy-to-use security solutions to help our end clients in their daily operations.

Expertise in the access control profession

  • Identification and recognition
  • Supervision of security systems
  • Management of comings and goings
  • Management of paid access

A team of experienced developers

  • Development of management products and systems
  • Integration of new technology for access control solutions
  • Customised design for systems

A partner you can trust

  • All our solutions are drawn up in our design office.
  • All our products are manufactured and tested at our factory in France.
  • Our quality standards are very high and most of our products come with a 5-year warranty.

Prestigious partners and references

  • Strong partnerships with renowned manufacturers
  • A worldwide network of distributors and installers
  • Prestigious references in all sectors and industries

What do we do?

We design, develop, integrate and customise our technical services to offer you simpler, more intuitive methods for physical access control of your site.

Designing and developing innovative and inter-operable solutions.

We design increasingly innovative solutions, allowing you to use and open access control for many different applications and services:

  • Flow management via the identification and authentication of individuals
  • Control of automatic systems
  • Control of all other security and company control systems
  • Management of automated payments and bookings

Customising our services and adapting our technical solutions

Depending on the specifications we receive and/or on the system already in place at the end client’s premises, we analyse each project and offer the most appropriate solution.

Our open and “multi-protocol” technology can be adapted to most existing equipment, thereby offering tremendous flexibility in terms of installation, for extensions, renovations or new projects.

A unique and exclusive customisation service for our software and our entire product range allows clients to integrate our technology into their work environment and their marketing strategy.

Our “system” solutions are all based on up-to-date technology.

We guarantee vertical compatibility of our software and hardware products for 10 years.

How do we do it?

Vauban Systems is the unique point of contact for our clients. Therefore, we pay very close attention to each stage in your project.

To enrich and reinforce our technical services, we establish strong partnerships with trustworthy service providers who are among the most innovative in the market.

We offer you our expertise as a manufacturer:

  • Designing solutions
  • Developing projects
  • Manufacturing
  • Specifications and Marketing
  • Training
  • Technical support and after-sales service

We are committed to our values and to our industry:

  • We actively participate in and contribute to the discussions and activities carried out by the professional associations for the security industry, so that we can effectively anticipate emerging technology and the convergence of activities.
  • We comply with all legislative rules associated with the use of biometrics in France (CNIL) and throughout the world.
  • Respect for the environment is a priority for our manufacturing and logistics processes.

We develop strong technological partnerships

  • Our global solutions integrate and manage products and technology from manufacturers with the best reputations and who are open to the international market.
  • We integrate the latest communication and identification technology on the market, recognised by the profession in France and throughout the world.
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