Mobile app access control
Read a QR Code from your smartphone to enter or exit a secure location.
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Security according to VAUBAN SYSTEMS®
Today, the "security of goods and people" must be able to respond to two major and complementary needs. It must indeed both provide answers to the needs expressed by users in the face of ever greater risks and threats, but also and above all, enable those in charge of these issues, to be able to manage their solutions with the tools of today.
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Security has a price
With VAUBAN SYSTEMS solutions®no license to add a client or user is required. The advanced security and management features of a site are all native and continue to evolve over new releases, all of which are free for all of our clients.
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The VAUBAN SYSTEMS offer® is unique and customizable
It allows any customer wishing to build its own security product range by using its image and business practices, to make and maintain its customized solution, thus differentiating itself in its own way in its market.
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Our solutions

Server Client Solutions

Industrial, institutional, sensitive and tertiary sites. DataCenters, co-working, common. Multi-site management up to 840 readers and 50 000 users.
with visor

Embedded Web Server Solutions

Craftsmen, liberal professions, small businesses, SMEs. Management by web page, up to 44 readers, 5 000 users.
without visor

Autonomous Solutions

Office, wine cellar, automatic gate, sensitive local. Color touch interface and door 1 solution
Equipped sites
in the world
Secure doors
every day
Team of experts permanently at your service

Design and manufacture of global security solutions

Supervised security solutions for physical access control, video protection and intrusion systems, with no notion of license cost.


Vauban Systems is a French company specializing in the design and manufacture of comprehensive physical access control solutions.

To integrate

Our solutions are based on an open and multi-protocol technology that adapts to most new or existing installations.


We design, develop, integrate and personalize our technical offer to allow you a physical access control to your site always simpler and more intuitive.

French Technology

Founded in 2009, VAUBAN SYSTEMS® is a French company. All our products are manufactured in France in our factory, they are guaranteed 5 years, we thus ensure very high quality standards.

The Company

Founded in 2009, VAUBAN SYSTEMS® is a French company specialized in the design and manufacture of comprehensive supervised safety solutions for
physical access control, the
videoprotection and systems

La Company

Founded in 2009, Vauban Systems® is a French company specialized in the design and manufacture of comprehensive supervised security solutions for the
physical access control, the
videoprotection and systems

We are passionate about sharing our values ​​of innovation, simplicity and service to inspire our customers to become VAUBAN SYSTEMS® ambassadors: our network of qualified installers is growing day by day.

Certified professional training center, we deliver technical training to all our partners and qualify some of them (Gold level) to make them prescribers of our technologies from design offices and end users. We also provide all our installers with a completely free hotline.

Expertise in the field of access control.
A team of experienced developers.
A trusted partner.
Prestigious partners and references.
An approved training center.

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