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Examples of encryption help

Below you will find examples of "typical" encryptions to familiarize you with our references and thus facilitate your costing.

Embedded web server solutions

Typical calculations for solutions without software with the Verso + 1 / 2 / 4 range
Installation for 4 centralized doors without software
Installation for 10 centralized doors without software

Server client solutions with VISOR®

Typical calculations for centralized solutions with VISOR software®

Centralized installation for 1 door with VISOR software®

Centralized installation for 1 doors with VISOR ACCESS software

Centralized installation for 5 doors with VISOR software®
Centralized installation for 50 doors with VISOR software®
Typical calculations for biometric solutions with VISOR software®
Centralized biometric installation for 10 doors with VISOR software®
Typical calculations for APERIO solutions® or Simons Voss®
Installation for 10 doors equipped with electronic handles with VISOR software®
* Sheet of dimensions to be filled in - the number of HUB / radio routers is defined according to the spacing of the doors between them - an HA-30 can manage up to 8 H100, an IF ROUTER can manage up to 10 IF STAND.
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We are daily listening to their feedback of technical experiences that contribute to the continuous improvement of our solutions.

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