Our goal is to develop complete, reliable and easy-to-use security solutions.

Who are we?

VAUBAN SYSTEMS® is a French company specialized in physical access control. Our goal is to develop comprehensive security solutions that are above all reliable and easy to use to facilitate the daily operation of our end customers.

Expertise in the access control profession

  • Identification and recognition
  • Supervision of security systems
  • Management of comings and goings
  • Paid access management

A trusted partner

  • All our solutions are developed within our design office
  • All our products are manufactured and tested in France in our factory
  • Our quality standards are very high and most of our products are guaranteed 5 years

A team of experienced developers

  • Development of products and management systems
  • Integration of new technologies for access control solutions
  • Custom system design

Prestigious partners and references

  • Quality partnerships with renowned manufacturers
  • A network of distributors and installers around the world
  • Prestigious references in all fields of activity
Equipped sites
in the world
Secure doors
every day
Team of experts permanently at your service

What do we do ?

We design, develop, integrate and personalize our technical offer to allow you an ever simpler and more intuitive use of the physical access control of your site.

Design and develop innovative and interoperable solutions

We design ever more innovative solutions, allowing you to use and open access control for many applications and services:

  • Flow management via identification and authentication of people
  • Automation control
  • Control of all other security and control systems of the company
  • Booking management and automated payments

Customize our offer and adapt our technical answer

Depending on the specifications that are submitted to us and / or the system already in place at the end customer, we analyze each project to propose the most appropriate solution. Our open and "multi-protocol" technology adapts to the majority of existing installations, offering great installation flexibility in the context of extensions, renovations or new projects.

A unique and exclusive customization service for our software and our entire product line allows our customers to integrate our technology into their work environment and include it in their marketing strategy. Our "systems" solutions are all coming from recent technologies. We guarantee during 10 years vertical compatibility of our software and hardware products.

Our training center

We are accredited training organization for access control professions to train qualified installers VAUBAN SYSTEMS®.
We provide monthly technical training in our premises.

Find our upcoming trainings in your client space


Take advantage of our expertise technical training to train or train your employees in the fields of access control and multi-domain supervision.


Installation, configuration, advanced functions, biometrics, video and intrusion monitoring, regulatory aspects, CNIL legislation.


In professional training allow you to benefit financial support by your joint body.

How do we do it?

VAUBAN SYSTEMS®is the sole point of contact for his clients. For this, we attach the greatest importance to each step of your project. To enrich and consolidate our technical offer, we are building strong partnerships with some of the most innovative and reliable providers on the market.

How do we do it?

Vauban Systems is the single point of contact for its customers. For this, we attach the greatest importance to each step of your project. To enrich and consolidate our technical offer, we are building strong partnerships with some of the most innovative and reliable providers on the market.

Customize our offer and adapt our technical answer

  • Solution Design
  • Project development
  • Manufacturing
  • Prescription and marketing
  • Training
  • Technical support and after-sales service

We are committed to our values ​​and our business

  • We participate and contribute actively to the debates and actions led by the federations of the security professions to anticipate the best emerging technologies as well as business convergences.
  • We respect all the legislative rules related to the uses of biometrics in France (CNIL) and in the World.
  • We pay great attention to respect for the environment in our industrial and logistics processes.

We develop strong technology partnerships

  • Our global solutions drive and integrate products and technologies from some of the most well-known and internationally recognized manufacturers.
  • We integrate the latest communication and identification technologies of the market and recognized by the profession in France and in the World.

Our partners